UniC Network

The UniC2020 Summit will be a unique opportunity for participants to take part in the creation of the International Student Network on Climate. This new network will serve as a launch pad for collaborative climate initiatives developed by young university leaders from around the globe..

Network objectives

The UniC Network will pursue the following goals  :

  1. Foster concrete collaborative initiatives by university students and recent graduates from across the world
  2. Support climate action leadership by students and recent graduates through the sharing of practices and knowledge
  3. Stimulate international collaborations in training and research

The UniC Network is an initiative of the Institut Hydro-Quebec en environnement, développement et société (EDS Institute) at Université Laval.

Network initiatives

To guide discussions at the UniC2020 Summit, four initiatives will be proposed. Each of them is a group project to which Summit participants will be invited to contribute according to their availability and interest. These collaborations will be launched at the Summit through the creation of working committees and will continue for the next two years, until the next UniC Summit in 2022.

Other young university leaders will be able to join as the network develops.

Podcasts on the role of universities

Specialized podcasts on the role of universities can play in the climate/energy transition: Combining interviews and reporting, each 30-minute episode will address a particular theme (offsets, reduction, technology management, foundations, etc.) and look at experiences at different universities around the world.

Climate videos

A series of short videos (5 minutes) produced by university students from around the world and intended for students at the primary and secondary school levels. Each video will explore a different aspect of the climate transition. The objective will be educational and the tone, playful and dynamic.

Electronic journal

A journal written by university students seeking to share their research with students from other disciplines who are interested in climate issues. This journal will consist of short texts in accessible language, and will be published twice a year. Thematic issues on various aspects of the climate transition will be planned.

Web platform

This online platform will serve as a showcase for the International Student Network on Climate. Different sections will allow, among other things, to present the content generated during the UniC2020 Summit, to archive documentation produced by the Network members and to host a Service Market in order to facilitate sharing and scientific collaboration.

Each initiative will make use of a specific medium. Although the target audience may vary, all of the initiatives will provide an opportunity to address cross-cutting concerns, including Indigenous knowledge and realities, developing countries, social inequalities and cultural diversity.

Guided by the mission and objectives of the UniC Network, exchanges between the group members, centered on respect and tolerance, must follow the UniC netiquette set of rules. Netiquette for the official UniC Network Facebook Group.