Costs and Financial Support

The Summit will provide financial support to all participants to ensure that cost is not an obstacle to quality applications. A significant portion of the expenses will be covered, based on the following guidelines:

Registration - Fee not covered

Each participant will be required to pay a registration fee of C$100. This amount will be used to finance various event-related costs (including GHG offsets).

Accommodations - Costs covered

  • Each participant will be granted 5 nights of free accommodation (July 5 to 9 inclusive) on the Université Laval campus. Barring exceptions, all rooms will be double occupancy.
  • To facilitate networking and event management, participants will be encouraged to use the rooms offered on campus. Lodging will be at the participant’s expense if they choose to stay elsewhere.

Meals - Most costs covered

  • During their stay, each participant will receive 5 breakfasts (Monday to Friday), and 4 lunches (Monday to Thursday).
  • To facilitate event management, participants will be encouraged to take all the meals offered. Meals will be at the participant’s expense if they choose to eat elsewhere.

Meals - Some costs not covered

  • All dinners (third daily meal) will be at the participant’s expense.
  • For participants who take part in the planned visit to the Montmorency Forest (see item below), the costs of the Boreal supper (Day 3) will be covered.

Activities - Costs covered

  • Participants will be given the opportunity to visit Université Laval’s Montmorency Forest (Day 3).Transportation, a boreal supper and an evening activity are included.
  • Participants will be invited to attend the opening night networking activity on Day 1 and the closing activity on Day 4.

Transport, visa, insurance and other - Costs not covered

  • Each participant will be responsible for the cost of transportation (air and land) as well as travel insurance.
  • Depending on their country of origin, some participants will have to pay fees to obtain a visa (biometric data may be required) or an electronic travel authorization. All participants are responsible for verifying the applicable requirements for their entry into Canada.
  • All other personal expenses are the responsibility of the participant.

In short, each participant will receive a number of services (accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, and activities) free of charge. This represents an amount equivalent to about C$450. Other expenses will be the responsibility of the participant ($100 registration fee, transportation, insurance, visa, personal expenses).

Additional Financial Support

One of the Summit’s goals is to provide additional financial support to as many participants as possible. In this context, various organizations supporting national and international student mobility will be called upon to help students from around the world to attend.

Applicant selection will be confirmed in early March 2020. At this point, Université Laval will contact potential support organizations so that they can choose the participants to whom they wish to offer financial support, based on their respective requirements and criteria. Participants will also be invited to contact support organizations in their own communities. If necessary, Université Laval can provide the documentation necessary to support funding applications.