Call for Applications

Message from the two UniC2020 Co-Presidents

Call for Applications

Call for application is now closed.  Selected candidates will be noticed by email in March 2020. Thank you for your participation !

Applications must include the following:

1. A short presentation video (60 to 90 seconds maximum)

Produced a short video using a mobile phone or other non-professional equipment in which you describe your own commitment to climate action at the local, national, or international level and your motivations for attending the UniC2020 Summit.

By completing the application form, you duly assign the broadcasting rights of this video to Université Laval.

As a candidate, you will be asked to take part in the selection process by evaluating the videos submitted by 10 other applicants, using a short evaluation grid.

The selection committee will make its choices known in early March 2020. Successful candidates will be invited to register.

If for some reason you are unable to produce a video or you have a particular reason for wanting to avoid this means of communication, please contact to identify an alternative solution.

2. Proof of your student or graduate status

Submit proof of your status as a student or recent graduate (less than two years since graduation) for your most recent level of study. Proof can be a photo of your diploma, a certificate, a transcript, or any other document that proves your status. Documents in languages other than French or English are accepted.

If you are unable to upload proof of study or graduation, please contact to identify an alternative method.

3. Proof of your involvement in the field of climate action

Submit proof of your involvement, research, or proven interest in the field of climate action. This proof may take the form of proof of membership in an association or group, photos of an event, a website, research work, registration for a course, a letter from a professor, a course certificate, etc. Documents in languages other than English or French are accepted.

If you are unable to upload proof of involvement, please contact to identify an alternative method.


UniC2020 Summit organizers do not want cost to be an obstacle to quality applications. The application form therefore includes questions to assess your need for financial support.

The form must be completed in a single step. You cannot save your data. Be sure to prepare all the documents to be submitted with the form: your presentation video, your proof of student or recent graduate status, and your proof of commitment to climate action.

UniC2020 Application Form